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Providing World-Class Home Cleaning Services

Standard Cleaning

Standard cleaning is a service best described as cleaning done on a regular basis with no neglected areas in need of deeper cleaning. Standard cleaning is always available as a one time or occasional service as well. Standard cleaning includes thorough dusting, vacuuming, mopping, tidying up, bathroom and kitchen cleaning and some inside windows. If more is needed outside of basic service, options can always be added for additional fee(s). Often times, especially for our regular clientele, we throw in a few extras at no extra charge!

Flat rates for standard cleaning based upon the size of the home and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Recurring booking clients always receive discounts on our services. The more frequent the service, the lower the rate will be.

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  • Clean stovetop, drip pan and hood. (Inside oven cleaning additional)
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Clean inside of window above sink (inside only)
  • Spot wipe of doors and cabinets/handles
  • Clean microwave-inside and out
  • Clean countertops, appliances, and backsplashes 
  • Clean sinks and stoppers
  • Clean front, top and sides of refrigerator/wine refrigerator
  • Spot clean woodwork
  • Empty trash and replace bag (wipe down as needed)


  • Clean tub, shower and tile basins,
  • Clean all shower doors/windows
  • Clean toilets, sinks, backsplashes and faucets
  • Clean mirrors
  • Spot clean cabinets/woodwork
  • Empty trash cans, wipe down, polish if stainless steel and replace liners
  • Wash floors
  • Wipe down soap dispensers/trays


  • Straighten/tidy rooms
  • Fluff pillows
  • Change linens (if desired), make beds
  • Dust lampshades
  • Empty trash cans and replace liners (wipe down as needed)
  • Wipe remotes
  • Spot clean light switches, doors and walls
  • Dust pictures and wall hangings
  • Clean/wipe down furniture and knick knacks
  • Dust light fixtures, ceiling fans, cobwebs
  • Dust baseboards vents, window sills and blinds
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Wipe down laundry room (inside only)
  • Sweep front entryway

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is precisely what the name implies. This service is best described as cleaning of a home that has not been regularly cleaned or one that is heavily soiled. Deep cleans require extra time, effort and cleaning supplies.

Move Out cleanings are also based on the size of the home, number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the level of cleaning need to be done.

Recurring booking clients always receive discounts on our services based upon frequency of use of our services.

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Deep Cleaning Includes ALL Services of a Standard/Basic

Cleaning PLUS:


  • Wet wiping down all baseboard and woodwork.
  • Lemon oil/polishing of fronts of cabinets
  • Remove bottom grill of refrigerator
  • Remove/clean knobs on stoves/ovens


  • Wet wipe baseboards
  • Wet wipe light fixtures
  • Lemon oil/polish or wet wipe fronts of cabinets
  • Heavy scrubbing of grout


  • Vacuum furniture
  • Wet wipe window sills, baseboards and vent registers
  • Wet wipe ceiling fans, (glassware if applicable) and blades
  • Clean and polish framed artwork/pictures
  • Wet wipe blinds
  • Wet wipe light fixtures, switches and decorative items
  • Move furniture (not too heavy) to deep clean underneath

Move Outs

Move out cleanings are again, as the name implies, cleaning conducted after a person or family moves out of a residence. Similar to deep cleaning as it involves extra time and cleaning of areas not normally cleaned such as inside, refrigerators, ovens, under refrigerators, inside cabinets, scrubbing of walls, doors and baseboards, insides of windows, etc., The goal of move out cleanings are to make the property as presentable as possible for the next tenant(s) or owner(s). Rates for Move Outs are based upon the size of the home, number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as level of cleaning needed.

Recurring booking clients such as rental property owners, Air BnB owners and Realtors always receive discounts based upon the frequency of use of our services.

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Move Out/In Cleaning Contains Everything Offered in a Deep Clean Plus:

  • Move and clean under, the sides of and inside refrigerator,
  • Move and clean inside, underneath and sides of Oven/Stove
  • Wet wiping down of all cabinets and drawers (MUST be empty of all contents)
  • Wiping down/washing walls, baseboards, doors, frames and doorknobs
  • Washing all interior windows
  • Cleaning inside window and sliding door tracts
  • Washing off all outlets and light switches
  • Sweep out garage, entryway and back patio
  • Clean Exterior of 1st floor glass doors/windows

NOTE: Home MUST be EMPTY of ALL CONTENTS or an additional fee will be applied.

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